What is Coral Sands Point?

Coral Sands Point

Coral Sands Point Recreational Village is a park model tiny home resort located on the Abbot’s Creek section of High Rock Lake near Lexington, NC.

Since 2008, we have been dedicated to providing the means by which the “average guy” may OWN and enjoy lakefront living on High Rock Lake.Coral Sands Point With our unique “land condominium” structure, our owners each OWN their site as well as share ownership in the entire resort.

Each site has its own private pier and floater and owners and lessees enjoy the use of our concrete boat launch, swimming area, bath house, and other amenities not available to most High Rock Lake homeowners. 

The property is restricted exclusively to Park Model tiny homes.

History of the Village

Since the 1970’s, the property was the home of Foster’s Point Campground and offered an annual lease for recreational vehicles and  campers.

In 2008, Golden WEB Properties, LLC purchased the property and converted it to one of the first 2 land condominium projects in North Carolina. Most people think of condominium as a building but in truth, it is really a means by which multiple people may own an otherwise undividable parcel of property.  This allowed Golden WEB to offer a more upscale and upgraded solution for those interested in waterfront property but who could not afford the typical high price of a typical residential home.